Primary Maths Tutoring.


Primary Maths Tutoring at InFlow Education

Is This Your Child?

How We Can Help with Primary Maths Tutoring.

Primary Maths Tutoring & your child

  • Is your child confused and frustrated with their Mathematics class… and you’re now worried they aren’t going to do well?
  • Are they already getting poor grades?
  • Are you worried they aren’t getting the attention they need to pass, let alone thrive in their classes?
  • Do they have their HSC exam to worry about in the next couple years and you want to guarantee they get the best mark possible?
  • Is twisting their arm the only way you can get them to study?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you’ll be glad to know there’s something you can do to help…

Our Maths Tutors Will Help Your Child Turn Their Struggles Into Success

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Maths Tutoring

How We Can Help Your Child Dramatically Increase Their Math Results

With our unique, holistic system for primary maths tutoring, your child will learn how to get (and stay) motivated, get organised, study smarter instead of harder and techniques for acing exams. Plus, they’ll learn simple methods for keeping calm and resilient so they can stay on course no matter what is thrown at them.

Students often find it difficult to ask questions in a large classroom and get the attention they need on a particular topic, especially out of fear of looking stupid in front of their friends and peers.

In small groups of up to 4 students, your child gets an individual program based on what THEY need help with, and can comfortably ask the questions they need in a relaxed environment. This is one of many factors that separate InFlow from other primary maths tutoring schools, as they typically run classes of 10+ students with non-individualized work.


Proven 4-step system to academic success reliably gets your child to the point that they’re motivated to study and focus on learning


Quality primary maths tutoring in small groups of up to 4 students who actually want to be there. This means your child stays free of the constant disruptions of a typical school classroom, and can get the attention they both need and deserve


Effective study techniques and habits that will serve them not just in their Math class, but in all subjects, both now and in their studies beyond school

Why InFlow Education Students See Impressive Results Consistently.


Holistic “study smarter, not harder” approach that not only helps them get results with ease (and without the crippling stress)… but it still gives them the freedom to spend time with friends, family, and on hobbies


Simple but powerful exam “game plan” that will have your child prepared for any Math exam — whether a standard test, or the HSC


All students are there by CHOICE, creating an optimal learning environment, and parents thank us as its the only tutoring that their child has enjoyed. We focus on making learning engaging and fun, and children have input on what they feel works best for them.


Email support to ensure you’re child gets any extra help they need when they need it (especially useful for when it cannot wait until the next tutoring lesson)

Proven 4 Step System

M - English Tutoring


Learn a 2-minute process which will help increase motivation to study and stay motivated. Make the why big enough and students accept they need to study to have what they want.

0 - English Tutoring


Get help to schedule your study and stick to it – we make sure your student’s study schedule is available on their phone and tablets and visible where they study.

R - English Tutoring


No victim mentality accepted – no more blaming teachers or other external factors. We encourage students to look for solutions to make the best of their circumstances.

E - English Tutoring


It’s all about committing to action and nominating a minimum amount of weekly study time they will do even if they are tired or busy.