The Changes to Year 9 NAPLAN – what you need to know

The new NAPLAN rules and what they really mean for Australian students

At the start of this year, I received many calls from nervous parents of students entering year 3, year 5, year 7 but especially those with students in Year 9.

The reason being that the bar had been raised in terms of minimum results required in Year 9 NAPLAN that needed to be achieved before a student automatically qualified to go on and do complete the HSC.

A minimum of Band 8 results are required in Year 9 NAPLAN across numeracy, which includes both calculator and non-calculator exams. Band 8 results were also required for language conventions (spelling and grammar), reading comprehension and writing.

One of the main reasons why there was anxiety, particularly for year 9 students, is that there was misinformation about what a Band 8 actually meant in terms of past NAPLAN results.

With relation to Numeracy, the last few years a Band 8 was achieved by getting 50% right. Click here to view past results

To put many of your concerns to rest, I recommend you either read the Sydney Morning Herald’s article from earlier this year

Alternatively you can watch a short animated video on the board of studies website

Once you have a clearer picture of what the changes mean, you will be able to look at what plan of action, if any, are required for your child to meet the minimum standards.

What can InFlow Education do for your child?

Naplan tutoring & Mastering Naplan Free Seminars

What we can do is offer a simple solution for students to get the minimum required to be eligible for the HSC, which leaves no room for anxiety or stress.

We don’t believe in results at any cost and as such my simple system to mastering the NAPLAN is one that is centred on student well being and balance.

We happily teach this simple system for free to parents and students. We want as many young people to learn a simple system for doing better with academic results, while improving their relationships with family members and having time to have fun with their friends.

About John George

Founder: InFlow Education

I am a father of three children, with a fourth on the way, and my eldest son is heading into year 5 next year, which means NAPLAN tests for him. Fortunately he has heard me speak many times and assisted me with my Teenage Zen workshops, so he understands the simple way to do his best without stressing.

In the free seminar for parents and students, I teach the tick-the-box system that is simple, realistic and achievable. It will allow students to embrace a challenge rather than add stress and anxiety to their lives.

It is so simple, we have students previously labelled “below average” outperforming students at their school, labelled as ‘gifted and talented’. Rather than wait for Australia’s education system to have greater sanity, come and learn a simple system to have sanity within the madness. A system that allows students to learn well, laugh often and live a balanced life on the road to doing a job they love.

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