Top 5 Motivators for Studying

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Imagine having a switch that turned on a light inside your child’s brain. A light that would completely transform their outlook on school, tests and studying. A light that would guide them effortlessly to a brighter future…

Inside this free 20-page handbook, expert teacher, author and motivational speaker John George has compiled five proven motivators with the potential to restore peace to your relationship with your child, put an end to needless nagging and inspire authentic, consistent motivation when it comes to your child’s school habits.

Best of all, using these five motivators is natural and easy. Every time you do, they positively reinforce themselves. Soon, you’ll see how producing an instant turnaround in your child’s behavior can truly be as easy as flipping a switch.

Top 5 Motivators for Studying

Here’s what you’ll discover inside this free handbook:

  • Five foolproof motivators that activate your child’s personal pride and self-esteem… Plus, two ways you could be unintentionally sapping your child’s motivation (even though you mean well!)
  • Two tactics that shatter the artificial boundaries your child can’t see beyond… How these necessary rites of passage will open up a limitless future right in front of their eyes
  • Three easy conversations that yield profound results… How to get your child crystal clear – and deeply excited – about what they want to do, have and be when they get beyond school
  • How to tap the Seven Motivation Triggers that light an instant fire under your child… All within a 60 second interaction that you control

Happy Parents

“Getting our kids to want to study has always been a challenge. Thank you for outlining a simple method to not only get them motivated but stay motivated”

Helen MSatisfied Reader

“Unless your child is motivated it is a struggle to get them to study. The 2-minute process really works”

Laura KHappy Parent

“Using a combination of the top 5 motivators will have your child wanting to study rather than having to be nagged”

Sam GPlease Parent

About The Author

John George

John George - Top 5 motivators for StudyingJohn George has developed a simple, proven system that turns average, disinterested students into academic outperformers.

During his 12 years working as a beloved high school teacher and conducting over 8,000 hours of face to face coaching and tutoring, John’s students kept encouraging him to write a book and share his groundbreaking methods on a wider scale.

The result was Teenage Zen, a book that leaves teenagers with no more excuses as to why they can’t pursue and achieve their dreams.