Frequently Asked Questions.

General Tutoring

Do I Need Tutoring?

Before deciding on whether the tutoring is for you or not, we recommend you come along to a FREE motivation and study skills seminar for parents and students. You will be sure to learn information you can apply straight away and have a clear picture of how we teach before you commit to any tutoring.

What Are The Benefits Of Tutoring?

Many students who improve their results with a simple approach to study become a lot more confident and have greater self-belief. This flows on to other subjects as students realise they are capable of achieving much more than they previously thought.

Isn’t School Enough?

School class sizes are getting larger and it is becoming almost impossible for all students to be catered for in any given lesson. Whilst most students might understand the class work when it is taught, the problem is many students forget what they have been taught because they don’t regularly revise.

This is where John’s free motivation and study skills seminar is critical. Before a child starts high school tutoring, they learn how to get motivated, organised, learn how to study smarter, learn critical exam techniques so they are left with no more excuses. Parents attend with their child so we are all on the same page when trying to get the most out of each student.

Should I Receive One-on-One Tutoring or Group Tutoring?

It depends on the student however our aim is to help students be independent and confident in themselves. Some students started with one-on-one tutoring and progressed into small groups and have flourished. Seeing other students ask questions and improve encourages others to do the same.

How Does High School Tutoring Work?

The high school tutoring session is a mix of homework assistance with notes and sample questions put into their study book provided by InFlow Education. There are also resources and sample tests, online Maths and English programs and work on the whiteboard. We try to make it fun environment when we can so students remain engaged. Feedback usually is that the hour goes fast!

Do You Teach A Separate Curriculum To What Students Are Currently Learning At School?

No, we tailor the tutoring to the specific needs of the student with the aim of improving their results in the next exam. We don’t believe in racing students 6 months ahead if they are not studying on what is coming up in their next test.

Classes & Tutors

How Many Students In The Group?

We limit our groups to a maximum of 4 per group, some groups are capped at 3 dependent on the ability levels of the students.

Are You Open On Weekends and School Holidays?

Our philosophy is to help your child find balance which is why we don’t run classes on the weekends. In fact we won’t run classes on Fridays until we are booked out Monday to Thursday. We believe a child should have a balance between work and play and John shows them exactly how to do that at the free motivation and study skills seminar. HSC tutoring is made available during the school holidays prior to the HSC exams.

What Types Of Tutors Do You Use?

Our tutors include qualified teachers, university graduates having completed studies in a related field and university students currently studying  in a related field.

Materials & Miscellaneous

Will My Child Be Getting Homework?

The differentiator in exam results is not the amount of homework the child is doing, but whether they are doing the weekly study which doesn’t require as much time as students think, once John teaches them the study smarter techniques for learning more in less time. Homework is optional if your child is not getting much at school.

What About Missed Lessons?

Make-up classes are offered when providing at least 24 hours notice. These can either be done on different days or extra time can be added on to subsequent weeks to make up the time missed.

Do I Need To Purchase Any Additional Materials?

No, the cost of tutoring gives the student access to a wide selection of resources, including use of laptops for online Maths and English activities. Any purchase of extra material from book stores is optional.

When Can I Start?

There are limited places available from Monday to Thursday with time slots ranging from 3:30pm start to 6:30pm start. Before deciding on tutoring we recommend you book yourself seats at our next free Motivation and Study Skills seminarfor parents and students to see how it all works before deciding whether it is suitable for you.

Do You Provide Any Online Tutoring Support?

Email support is included in the package for any urgent questions prior to the next tutoring lesson.

Pricing & Payments

What Is The Cost Of The Maths or English Tutoring?

Full term price of $495 (inc GST) or $55 per lesson for the remaining weeks of the tutoring term.  2nd subject or sibling discount of $55 when paying for a full term. This includes unlimited email support and monthly newsletter. All packages are explained in our free seminar

Can I Pay In Installments?

We have a variety of payment plans and methods which can be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or by term.

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