Primary School Tutoring

Maths & English Tutoring
Years K-6

  • Group Tutoring (max 4 students)
  • 1-1 Tutoring
  • Years K-6


We tailor our primary school tutoring to the individual student’s needs and via communication with parents and feedback from the child’s school, For primary school tutoring, it can be 1 hour of Maths, 1 hour of English or 1 hour of Maths and English combined.

Tutoring is in line with the Australian curriculum and each student is given a study book to summarise what they are learning each week. Students are asked to revise their study book each week.

Tutoring is conducted via doing sheets, online Maths and English work, working on the whiteboard and group activities. We communicate with the student to determine how they learn best.

We reinforce the study smarter techniques taught in the free seminar as well as the exam game plan for zero stress as students get closer to tests.

Apart from increasing academic results, we aim to boost each child’s social skills during short breaks in the tutoring. This is to promote greater confidence which will likely lead to greater success beyond school.

Our Primary School Tutoring