High School Tutoring

Maths & English Tutoring
Years 7 – 12

  • Group Tutoring (max 4 students)
  • 1-1 Tutoring
  • Years 7 - 12


High School Tutoring

We tailor our High School Tutoring to the individual student’s needs and via communication with parents and feedback from the child’s school. Maths and English tutoring are separate 1-hour sessions by specialist Maths or English tutors.

Tutoring is in line with the Australian curriculum and each student is given a study book to summarise what they are learning each week. Students are asked to revise their study book each week.

Tutoring is conducted via doing sheets, online Maths or English work, working on the whiteboard and group activities. We communicate with the student to determine how they learn best.

We reinforce the study smarter techniques taught in the free seminar as well as the exam game plan for zero stress as students get closer to tests.

Apart from increasing academic results, we aim to boost each child’s social skills during short breaks in the tutoring. This is to promote greater confidence which will likely lead to greater success beyond school.

Our High School tutoring in both Maths and English is of the highest quality, our tutors are a combination of education professionals and previous students who have improved markedly by using and implementing out unique holistic MORE technique to improve their study technique and in turn their overall results.

We recommend booking a no obligation free trial lesson at InFlow Education to see if our methods are a fit for your child. We pride ourselves on our results and our testimonials from parents and students alike speak for themselves.

Our High School Tutoring

At InFlow Education, our high school tutors are dedicated to developing motivated students who produce academic results. Whether it be Maths or English, students are taught the ‘study smarter not harder’ method to develop their study methods.

The differentiating factor of Inflow Education is that our high school tutors encourage success that will last long after schooling years. We focus not only on studies, but the confidence within each student to continue doing their very best in all aspects of life.

Focusing on school can be tricky, especially those in High School. That is why we attempt to make studying motivational, helpful and most importantly fun for our High School students. We offer a unique environment that is comfortable and relaxed, so they feel completely confident to learn and grow in their studies.

Our high school tutors ensure their classes are motivational and highly engaging. In determining where a student may have been left behind in their classes, our holistic method caters to each students’ individual needs. That is why students are in small classes no larger than four, enabling tutors to have valuable time with each student. Our high school tutors take the time to truly understand academic challenges of each student, and they adapt their teaching to each student’s individual learning. At Inflow Education, we foster support and positivity, as students are driven by their achievements.

High school mathematics subjects take a turn to become fast paced and difficult. At Inflow Education, our maths tutors like to hit the pause button and slow down challenging algorithms. Specific formulas need to be taught differently depending on how each student uniquely learns, and that is exactly what our maths tutors do in their small classes.

When it comes to English, many students find themselves lost in the complexities of the subject. Our English tutors break each of the topics down simply for students to grasp onto fundamentals. Classes are organised from where each student left off, so there is no falling behind. InFlow Education’s English tutors are tailored to simplify and engage students within their English studies.

By working towards short-term and long-term goals no matter what age group, we aim to excel our students’ study habits to ensure they work towards a result through motivation, organisation, responsibility and exercise.