InFlow Education is a member of the Australian Tutoring Association, providing Maths and English small group and one-on-one tuition for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. Our tutoring centre has a holistic approach to learning which involves motivating, organising and fostering independent learning to allow for success in school years and beyond. We provide an environment which allows each student’s personality to flourish.

Our groups are kept small to ensure our students’ tuition is tailored and resources are prepared according to each individual’s current needs. The advantages of small group tuition (4 students per teacher and smaller for primary students) are that they foster independent learning and provide an environment where students are encouraged by the achievements of others and can see maths coaching benefits students of all ages and ability.

Apart from the regular face-to-face coaching, each student receives a monthly video newsletter with tips and of advice from John to help students stay on track. There is also the option of unlimited email support for students to go with the tuition.

One of the wonderful things about InFlow Education is that a lot of our tutors were previoulsy our students. We not only teach our students Maths and English, We also provide them with life skills which sees them transforming from a shy child or teen to a well balanced adult. Many of our tutors are a testament to our teaching methods, as we have worked with them for many years, and have seen them excel in high school and university and return to us to continue passing on their knowledge to a new generation of children.