5 Minute Maths App
Learn a times table in 5 minutes

Inflow Educations very own maths app to help your child with their times tables

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A maths app designed by tutors
built for kids

Using our proven AB, ABC method developed by teacher, youth speaker and founder of InFlow Education John George your kids will learn a times table with an average of only 5 minutes of play! Try out maths app for free today.

A Simple idea

Playing five minutes a day, you will find your child masters their times tables in only a matter of weeks.

Quick results

See rapid improvement within minutes

Trophies & Records

Show off your personal best scores and achievements to family and friends!

  • Never give up
  • Achieving new heights
  • Practice makes perfect
  • 7 day streak
  • Mini mathematician
  • Perfectionist
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • Quiz King
  • Try em all
  • Minute master
  • Pop star
  • Times whiz

Simple & Intuitive

How do you make a child enjoy Maths?

The primary challenge when creating an educational app is engagement. How do you keep a child engaged with an app so they are essentially learning by stealth? Make it simple, make it quick and reward them for success.

We have made this Maths app as simple and as intuitive as possible.  Take it for a free test drive and have your child try their 2 & 3 times tables.

Improvements are coming soon!

We believe that all apps, especially educational apps, should evolve, so over time we would like to implement several updates to enhance the experience for your child. First up is a report capability, so parents can monitor progress via our weekly newsletter tailored to your child’s success.  We will also be able to highlight areas in which your child requires some help, or highlight areas in which your child is excelling.

We look forward to implementing these changes over time, and hope we are able to give your child a great foundation in maths through our simple app.

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If you have suggestions or requests for the direction you would like to see this app go, please let us know as we appreciate the feedback. Ultimately we have built this for parents & their children, so your input is important to us.

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Register & attend one of our free seminars to obtain the fully unlocked version of our app at no charge, by attending our seminar you will also received a free copy of John George’s book “Teenage Zen – A simple path to academic success and inner peace.”

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