Choose Us?

We differentiate ourselves from other tutoring organisations through our holistic approach to education. Our slogan, “Helping You Find Balance” embodies our teaching philosophy.

We teach our students that the key to performing better is through studying smarter not necessarily harder. Through our teaching and coaching experiences, we understand many young people are not taught how to study effectively.

By utilising an effective study method, which doesn’t require many hours each week, students become motivated knowing improvement is realistic and very achievable.

Fun is also encouraged. Studying doesn’t have to be boring all the time. We introduce students to fun and free websites which assist with study and provide a relaxing environment for them ask questions.

With clear goals that excite them, students accept that the study doesn’t have to be enjoyable if the goal is exciting. With a balance between work and play, students are able to live with greater purpose and energy.

In balance, students get InFlow which is all about acceptance of what is required to achieve their goals at school and beyond.