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We differentiate ourselves from other tutoring organisations through our holistic approach to education. Our slogan, “Helping You Find Balance” embodies our teaching philosophy.

We teach our students that the key to performing better is through studying smarter not necessarily harder. Through our teaching and coaching experiences, we understand many young people are not taught how to study effectively.

By utilising an effective study method, which doesn’t require many hours each week, students become motivated knowing improvement is realistic and very achievable.

Fun is also encouraged. Studying doesn’t have to be boring all the time. We introduce students to fun and free websites which assist with study and provide a relaxing environment for them ask questions.

With clear goals that excite them, students accept that the study doesn’t have to be enjoyable if the goal is exciting. With a balance between work and play, students are able to live with greater purpose and energy.

In balance, students get InFlow which is all about acceptance of what is required to achieve their goals at school and beyond.

We Encourage Student Values.

  • I am not afraid to ask questions

  • I respect others’ right to learn

  • I commit to a weekly study schedule

  • I take full responsibility for my actions

  • I study smarter, not harder

  • I apply an exam game plan so I perform my best

  • I get involved in discussions because my opinion is important

  • I have fun learning and enjoy a balance of work and play

  • I commit to doing a job i love

We Stand By Our Values.

  • Focus on the student and all else will follow

  • We are family

  • We practise open and honest communication

  • We believe in people and their dreams

  • We innovate and constantly improve

  • We build and grow strong tribes of students

  • We ask for help wherever needed

  • We have fun and find the love in what we do

What students & their parents are saying.

I received English tutoring from InFlow Education and it was fantastic. My tutoring allowed me to perform much better in the HSC and John George’s seminar helped me to remain calm – as well as giving me a very helpful exam strategy which allowed me to perform at my best.

Alexandra SHappy Student

My son Luca improved his year 6 Maths results from 53% to 98% within 3 lessons at InFlow Education.

Mina THappy Parent

John brings a dynamic style of teaching to his tutoring and always pushes me to achieve my best not only in Maths but in everything I do. I have achieved great results in my Maths exams with John’s help and always find it easy to talk to him.

Emma FHappy Student

InFlow Education has been a wonderful well-rounded approach to tutoring for my daughter. Someone that is actually teaching her how to study by looking at time management, study breaks, how to approach different questions and how to stay motivated is priceless and something she will have for the rest of her life. Her confidence has grown and her organisation this year (year 10) has been fantastic! Thank you!

Donna LHappy Parent

As a student, I found that InFlow Education was a great supplement to my daily study routine. Their approach to learning is personal to each student with plans and goals to help each reach the best of their abilities. Thanks to only one session a week i saw a boost in my Mathematics marks from 60/100 up to and even higher than 90/100. I highly recommend you try a few sessions and see the results.

Michael GHappy Student

My son who has just completed his HSC attended inflow for 18 months. He gained so much confidence from his one on one sessions with John as well as the English and Maths lessons he took. His HSC result was better than expected. I highly recommend Inflow to anyone considering tuition.

Mariem THappy Parent

In their own words.