Our Mission.

Our Purpose.

Through InFlow Education we have been given the opportunity to nurture, inspire and educate societies’  next generation of young adults. It is a responsibility we take very seriously and we hold all students and their parents / guardians in the highest regard and will work with each student to ensure they are getting the most out of their lives and education.

Finding a work / life or school / life balance is important for any young well adjusted person. We endeavor to assist all students in whatever their goals may be.

Ultimately our mission here at InFlow Education is to educate and inspire young people by providing customised coaching to students from K-12, which will assist with life-long success and self-confidence.

To help young people love who they are and do a job they love.

If you are an adult reading this section, how many times through your adult life have you thought “I wish I knew this when I was younger?”, “I wish I had done a little better at school?” These thoughts are all normal.

Our Purpose here at InFlow Education apart from tutoring Maths & English is to help our students find that little bit of clarity that so many of us, as adults lacked. To set them on their path to achieving their life goals, whatever they may be.

Student Values.

I am not afraid to ask questions

I respect others’ right to learn

I commit to a weekly study schedule

I take full responsibility for my actions

I study smarter, not harder

I apply an exam game plan so I perform my best

I get involved in discussions because my opinion is important

I have fun learning and enjoy a balance of work and play

I commit to doing a job i love

Our Values.


To be true to our philosophy of smaller groups and individual programs within a group setting. Also integrity in our philosophy of working smarter not harder and allowing young people to enjoy their weekends.


What you get is what you see with us. We encourage honest feedback from parents and students and we will provide honest assessments and advice.


We believe our coaching and workshops provide a clear system for young people to achieve a balance between work and play.


We aim to be the example for our students by practising awareness when we educate as well as being living proof of what it is like to do what you love.


We continually look at ways in which we can provide the best possible service and value for money when it comes to coaching youth. We will aim to continually evolve to ensure our service is relevant and in touch with what young people require.

What students & their parents are saying.

I received English tutoring from InFlow Education and it was fantastic. My tutoring allowed me to perform much better in the HSC and John George’s seminar helped me to remain calm – as well as giving me a very helpful exam strategy which allowed me to perform at my best.

Alexandra SHappy Student

My son Luca improved his year 6 Maths results from 53% to 98% within 3 lessons at InFlow Education.

Mina THappy Parent

John brings a dynamic style of teaching to his tutoring and always pushes me to achieve my best not only in Maths but in everything I do. I have achieved great results in my Maths exams with John’s help and always find it easy to talk to him.

Emma FHappy Student

InFlow Education has been a wonderful well-rounded approach to tutoring for my daughter. Someone that is actually teaching her how to study by looking at time management, study breaks, how to approach different questions and how to stay motivated is priceless and something she will have for the rest of her life. Her confidence has grown and her organisation this year (year 10) has been fantastic! Thank you!

Donna LHappy Parent

As a student, I found that InFlow Education was a great supplement to my daily study routine. Their approach to learning is personal to each student with plans and goals to help each reach the best of their abilities. Thanks to only one session a week i saw a boost in my Mathematics marks from 60/100 up to and even higher than 90/100. I highly recommend you try a few sessions and see the results.

Michael GHappy Student

My son who has just completed his HSC attended inflow for 18 months. He gained so much confidence from his one on one sessions with John as well as the English and Maths lessons he took. His HSC result was better than expected. I highly recommend Inflow to anyone considering tuition.

Mariem THappy Parent

In their own words.