About us.

InFlow Education provides Mathematics and English small group and one-on-one tuition for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12. We have a holistic approach to learning which involves motivating, organising and fostering independent learning to allow for success in school years and beyond. We provide an environment which allows each student’s personality to flourish.

Our groups are kept small to ensure our students’ tuition is tailored and resources are prepared according to each individual’s current needs. The advantages of small group tuition (4 students per teacher and smaller for primary students) are that they foster independent learning and provide an environment where students are encouraged by the achievements of others and can see maths coaching helps students of all ages and ability.

How are we different?

  • Expert teachers and tutors
  • Small classes (4 person max)
  • Our teaching methods are proven to work
  • We take a holistic approach to studying
  • We teach skills for out of the classroom
  • Our students learn time management. Study smarter, not harder

How it started

John George was a fulltime high school Maths teacher at an all boys school in the inner west of Sydney in 2007.

When asked by several students in each of his classes if he would teach them the following year, he would reply with the usual, “sorry I don’t get to choose my classes”.

After hearing it a few times, John realised the only way he could guarantee teaching a student each year was to start a tutoring business.

In 2008 John started the business under a different name operating out of a small classroom in Ashfield.

In 2011, the business was moved to Five Dock and the name changed to InFlow Education, to reflect that we teach students how to be In Flow. John started presenting his free motivation and study skills seminars for parents and students so that school results flowed from a connection between peace, purpose and performance.

After almost 4 years at Regatta Rd Five Dock, the business moved to Great North Rd at the start of 2016.

We have an ever increasing number of wonderful families and tutors joining the InFlow Education Community.

The future is bright.

There are many reasons why parents and students opt for tutoring, whether it is for better marks, or a confidence boost (we do both) the child which arrives is markedly different from the child that leaves. So much so that we are the only tutoring company which provides a 60 day money back guarantee. If your child follows our check list and does not see a marked improvement in the marks we will happily refund your money.

The above offer has been in place since the inception of Inflow Education and too date no refunds have been requested by either parents or students.

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