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At InFlow Education we have a holistic approach to learning which involves motivating, organising and fostering independent learning to allow for success in school years and beyond. We provide an environment which allows each student’s personality to flourish.

We specialise in Mathematics and English small group and one-on-one tuition for students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Our groups are kept small to ensure our students’ tuition is tailored and resources are prepared according to each individual’s current needs. The advantages of small group tuition (4 students per teacher and smaller for primary students) are that they foster independent learning and create positive social pressure to commit to weekly revision.


We offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes at our tutoring centre, that allow you to be tutored one-on-one or in a group scenario. Our tutors are highly educated and will make sure you give your all.

Why choose Inflow Education for your child’s tutoring.


Quality teachers and tutors who know the syllabus and our 4-step M.O.R.E system, experienced in marking the HSC and can relate well with students.


Unique 4-step M.O.R.E. system proven to help students dramatically improve their marks in as little as 2 months!


Personalised tutoring in Five Dock, Sydney. Resources according to each students needs and more individual attention is given to students.

Smarter Study

Effective study method with a clear exam game plan. Students have clearer goals, become more motivated and have more fun in the process.


Learn how to get motivated, organised, become an independent, life-long learner and how to deal with pressure in school years and beyond.


In addition to learning Maths and English, students learn how to get motivated, organised and have more balance and peace in their lives.

Happy children means happy parents.

Our Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

My son Luca improved his year 6 Maths results from 53% to 98% within 3 lessons at InFlow Education.

Mina THappy Parent

Wonderful tutor who totally changed my HSC son’s attitude and confidence. Highly recommended

Jane P

My daughter in year 8 and son starting year 12 are both attending Inflow for tutoring. They really enjoy and look forward to going to their sessions. I chose Inflow as I liked John’s holistic approach to learning which includes motivation and excellent study skills. It is obvious that John is passionate about his business and cares very much about his students. John is a great communicator and keeps me updated on my children’s progress. You will get results with InFlow.

Trish M

My son who has just completed his HSC attended inflow for 18 months. He gained so much confidence from his one on one sessions with John as well as the English and Maths lessons he took. His HSC result was better than expected. I highly recommend Inflow to anyone considering tuition.

Mariem THappy Parent

I sent my son in year 12 for English and maths and now my daughter who is in year 9…. The tutoring has helped build their confidence and understanding of both subjects. I only wish I knew about it much sooner!

Christine C

My child has improved greatly in both confidence and results. Would recommend John’s services to anyone!

Charlie Y

Student Testimonials

I received English tutoring from InFlow Education and it was fantastic. My tutoring allowed me to perform much better in the HSC and John George’s seminar helped me to remain calm – as well as giving me a very helpful exam strategy which allowed me to perform at my best.

Alexandra S

John brings a dynamic style of teaching to his tutoring and always pushes me to achieve my best not only in Maths but in everything I do. I have achieved great results in my Maths exams with John’s help and always find it easy to talk to him.

Emma F

As a student, I found that InFlow Education was a great supplement to my daily study routine. Their approach to learning is personal to each student with plans and goals to help each reach the best of their abilities.

Thanks to only one session a week i saw a boost in my Mathematics marks from 60/100 up to and even higher than 90/100.

I highly recommend you try a few sessions and see the results.

Michael G

I have had many tutors throughout my school life and John has to have been the best so far. He gives other students and myself confidence in facing challenges head on.

Chris S

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InFlow Education believes you should be able to “try before you buy” so we provide many free resources and events for you to read, attend and try before committing to tutoring for your child. From E-books to seminars and free trial lessons, we want you and your child to be confident with your choice.

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