Our Tutors.

Our Maths & English tutoring in the Inner West of Sydney are provided by quality teachers and tutors who know the syllabus and more importantly relate well to students and can effectively engage them.

Five Dock Centre

Catering for Sydney Inner West students

25+ Tutors

available across multiple subjects

Moreover, they are trained in John’s 4-step system to academic success, which is the system that makes InFlow Education so unique.
Many of John’s younger Maths tutors were former students who lived and breathed his system when they were in High School, so students are being taught the system by tutors who have applied it to their studies and as a result, have achieved excellent results at school, especially in their exams.
Teachers and tutors come from diverse backgrounds and have tutoring and/or teaching experience ranging from two to 20 years in tutoring and enjoy a range of activities outside of work including  spending time with family, playing sports, dancing, and acting.
We have a very low turn-over rate due to the flexibility we offer to our tutors and teachers. They also choose to partner with us because of their alignment with our values of integrity, honesty, balance, leadership and we constantly seek improvement to ensure we are in touch with the latest changes and more importantly, attuned to what young people need.