Why Choose InFlow Education?

Holistic Approach to Studying

In addition to learning Maths and English, students learn how to get motivated, organised and have more balance and peace in their lives.

Proven System That Works

Unique 4-step M.O.R.E. system proven to help students dramatically improve their marks in as little as 2 months!

Expert Teachers and Tutors

Quality teacher and tutors who know the syllabus and John George’s 4-step system, have experience in marking the HSC, and can relate well with students. Inner West tutoring service since 2008

Smarter Study Method While Having Fun

Effective study method with a clear exam game plan. Students have clearer goals, become more motivated and have more fun in the process.

Small Classes (4 people max)

Personalised tutoring in the Inner West of Sydney. Resources according to each students’ needs and more individual attention is given to students.

Learn Skills Beyond the Classroom

Learn how to get motivated, organised, become an independent, life-long learner and how to deal with pressure in school years and beyond.

Our Subjects

We offer holistic Maths and English tutoring for Years 3 – 12.

Inner West Maths Tutoring

Maths Tutoring

We offer holistic maths tutoring to students from years
Inner West English Tutoring

English Tutoring

We offer English tutoring to students from years 3

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Our Promise To You: Results In 60 Days Or Your Money Back

We’re so confident that our unique M-O-R-E tutoring process will work for you and your child that we offer all students the following guarantee:

“If you don’t see a meaningful improvement in grades within 60 days of working with InFlow, we insist that you bring it to our attention and we will offer you a complete refund of your investment.”

You can’t get more fair than that!

How To Find Out More

Ready to find out how we can help you and your child? Call us on 1800 INFLOW today to speak to one of our friendly tutors or check out one of the freebies below: